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Ceragem V4 Massage Bed

Ceragem V4 Massage Bed

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Embrace the pinnacle of therapeutic relaxation with the CERAGEM V4 Massage Bed. Going beyond standard care, the V4 stands as a testament to what modern technology can offer for spine health. With every session, experience a journey from deep acupressure to tailored thermal massages, ensuring a comprehensive care ritual that rejuvenates both mind and body
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  • An icon that shows the spine

    Comprehensive Spinal Care

    A holistic solution that soothes, cares, and revitalizes the back and spine, eliminating the need for multiple devices or specialist visits

  • An icon that shows the acupressure

    Advanced Acupressure Technology

    Employing scanning prowess, the V4 pinpoints and intensively massages key acupressure points, personalizing the experience

  • An icon that shows the massage custom

    Customizable Massage Experience

    Patented Spinal Scan technology ensures a massage crafted to the nuances of your spine, acknowledging every individual's unique curvature and length

  • An icon that shows the spine

    Stretching & Relaxation

    With the V4, not only do muscles relax, but the spine stretches and unwinds, finding its natural alignment

  • An icon that represents the heating feature

    Healing Heat

    Dive deep into warmth that penetrates muscles, relieving tension, enhancing circulation, and promoting overall well-being

  • An icon that shows the FDA name

    FDA Cleared Benefits

    A seal of trust, ensuring relief from minor muscle and joint stiffness, enhancing local circulation, and muscle relaxation

  • An icon that represents the mode selector

    Diverse Massage Modes

    With 17 varied modes, from 'Energy' to 'Meditation', there's a perfect setting for every mood and need

  • An icon that represents the intensity adjustment

    Personalized Intensity

    Nine levels of massage intensity provide the freedom to shift from a gentle touch to a more robust experience, according to your preference

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