• The Dangers of Sitting All Day

  • Product Highlight: The Fuji FJ-8000 Cyber Relax Massage Chair

    As a well respected Japanese massage chair brand, Fujiiryoki was one we couldn’t ignore. With an inception as a beauty-oriented and health-related manufacturer, the brand continues to prioritize improving their customers’ lifestyle and health.  So we’re proud to introduce: The Dr. Fuji FJ-8000, a noticeable upgrade from the brand’s previous advancements. This Cyber-Relax chair offers a unique experience for each body through its customizability...
  • HiTRONS at Home: Kimchi Recipes (Pt. II)

    Photo Credit: Saveur If you haven’t read our blog post on the benefits of fermented foods (including kimchi) and our favorite recipe for kimchi fried rice, make sure you do! We continue our Kimchi Recipes series by highlighting our favorite kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew) recipe, another traditional Korean dish that’s a global favorite!  Follow along for a delicious meal, for two servings:    Ingredients...
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