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Lisso Pebbline Massage Chair - Gold


We offer:



Massage Techniques Selector

Choose and save your favorite massage technique : Recover, Relief, Stretch, Soft, Renew, Calming, Refresh, Energy, Revive, Active Relax, and Healing.


Play the music of your preference in order to create the perfect relaxation environment for you.

Heating capabilities

Activate the Heat function to enhance your massage experience (back, knee and feet)

Customization Features

Mode, Position, Width, Speed, 4D (intensity).

4D Technology

Advanced 4D mechanism to provide a smooth and detailed massage down your back's curvature

Zero Gravity

Enjoy the chair adjusting to zero gravity position with just a click!


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This is how the Gemini GF-500 Gold looks in real life

Reasons to love Gemini GF-500

1. Everycare provides full, zero-cost aftercare for an entire 3 years—as part of their pledge to make your dream massage chair last.

2. From expertly matching them to their perfect massage chair to installing it and educating them on how to use it, the full VIP experience is their utmost priority.

3. Everycare prides itself in its expert curation and matching customers with massage chairs. Their highly selective collection combines best-in-class features with thoughtfulness and aesthetics.

Shipping, Warranty, & Return Policy

1. We try to ship or provide delivery within 2 weeks of order placement. A customer service rep will contact you!

2. You’re fully covered with parts & labor for 3 ~ 5 years depending on the massage chair brand.

3. All massage chairs come with a 30 day return policy. We ask you keep all items that came in the box such as power cable, user manual, etc. White glove delivery service charge is non-refundable.

Your questions answered here!

1. How long will the delivery take?

We try to deliver within 2 weeks of purchase.

2. How do we set up your massage chairs?

You don’t! We do the heavy work for you. We’ll deliver and install the chair in the room of your choice so you don’t have to raise a finger!

3. Is there a delivery & installation fee?

Nope – you are provided a full concierge white glove delivery service as mentioned above and we’ll also provide a full tutorial on how to use your new chair!

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