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EVERYCARE 7701 Massage Chair

EVERYCARE 7701 Massage Chair

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Introducing the upgraded Everycare 7701 - the most advance massage chair built with a simultaneous dual-engine technology for a comprehensive relaxing massage experience. De-stress completely with independent upper and lower massage systems.

The Everycare 7701 spoils your feet with built-in rollers specifically target acupressure points on the soles, while tiny airbags gently squeeze your toes. Calf massage rollers activate to ease tightness for complete lower body massage experience.

With an ergonomic S-track design, flexible 4D massage rollers extend from your upper back all the way down your spine to your glutes. This life-like massage motion melts away tension and loosens tight muscles for posture-improving relaxation.

Ultra-premium upholstery provides tailbone to neck support with space-age materials that conform perfectly to your body's contours. The seat cradles you in zero gravity comfort.

An intuitive touch screen on the left arm rest and quick access controls on the right, make customizing your massage a breeze. Further enhance it with radiant heating elements that emulate the warmth of human touch.

The Everycare 7701 ushers in the next evolution of  robotic, full-body massage chairs. Now experience premium relaxation with the best seat in the house.

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  • An icon that shows the massage custom

    Dual Massage System

    Enjoy simultaneous upper and lower body massages for complete relaxation.

  • An icon that shows the calf roller massage

    Detailed Foot Massage

    Targeted rollers for soles and air compression to provide the most comprehensive foot massage

  • An icon that shows the 4D option

    Advance Massage Rollers

    4D massage rollers extend from neck to tailbone mimicking human masseuse.

  • An icon that represents the touch control

    Tablet Controls

    Touch screen and quick access controls make customizing your massage simple

  • An icon that shows the heating option

    Heat Therapy

    Activate to enhance relaxation and emulate human touch.

  • An icon that shows the airbags

    Advanced Air Compression

    Comprehensive air massage squeezes and releases the body

  • An icon that represents the zero gravity position

    Zero Gravity Recline

    Fully recline into a weightless floating posture.

  • An icon that shows the bluetooth


    connect and play your favorite songs and podcasts during your personalized massage sessions

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Your questions ansered here!

How long will the delivery take?

If the massage chair is in stock, we estimate 1-2 weeks for delivery.

I'd like to purchase this online but I'm unable to - can someone assist me?

Please see our stores page and contact the closest showroom to you.

How do we set up our massage chair?

You don't! Our team of professionals will provide a complete setup and installation in the room of your choice.

How long is the warranty?

Our warranty coverage is straight forward and simple: 3 years of warranty (parts & labor). Upholstery is not included.

Who do we contact if there are issues with our chair?

Please contact the showroom you have purchased the chair from.