Dimchae Kimchi Refrigerator 220L


Product Overview

Model# DL22BESRS

Dimchae Top-Open Type Kimchi Refrigerator
DL22B-ESRS (221Liter)
Dimension : 40.9 (W) X 23.8 (D) X 36.5 (H) inch 
Weight (lbs.) : """
Shipping Weight(lbs.):"""
Containers: 8 Kimchi Fermenting Containers
(12.2 L x 6, 15.6 L x 2)


Temperature & Moisture Control System:

Independent Cooling Room

Direct Cooling System

Cold Air Curtain Zone

Kimchi Fermentation Mode:

Health Care Fermentation Technology

Various Types of Kimchi Fermentation

One Night Fermentation

Storage Mode:

Kimchi Instant Kimchi

Long Term Storage

Vegetable and Fruit Mode

Chill Storage

Convenient Function: