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Ceragem V6 Massage Bed

Ceragem V6 Massage Bed

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Enter a zone of complete comfort in the CERAGEM V6 Massage Bed. Standing proudly as an FDA-cleared Class II medical device, the V6 is your personal gateway to finding relief from muscle and joint discomfort, enhanced blood circulation, and profound muscle relaxation
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  • An icon that shows the spine

    Holistic Spinal Care

    The V6 is a holistic solution, ensuring your spine receives the care it deserves, making other devices and specialist visits redundant

  • An icon that shows the acupressure

    Tailored Acupressure

    Advanced scanning identifies your unique acupressure points, resulting in a tailored and intensive massage experience

  • An icon that shows the spine

    Personalized Massage Mapping

    Using groundbreaking technology, V6 identifies each individual's spinal length and curvature, assuring a massage experience tailored to all body types

  • An icon that shows the healing warmth

    Deep Stretch & Warmth

    Experience a spine stretch combined with soothing heat emitted directly from the V6 surface, revitalizing both mind and body

  • An icon that shows the FDA name

    FDA-Recognized Benefits

    Assured relief from minor muscle pain, increased local circulation, and ultimate muscle relaxation

  • An icon that represents the heated rollers feature

    Dynamic Heating & Massage Rollers

    Revel in the specialized heat and massage capabilities that adjust based on your spinal characteristics. Whether you're 4ft tall or 6ft tall, the V6 accommodates all

  • An icon that represents the mode selector

    Customizable Modes & Intensity

    With 22 diverse massage modes and 9 intensity levels, find the perfect balance for your therapeutic journey

  • An icon that represents the cotton material

    Air Cell Massage Technology

    Boost your blood circulation with the repetitive inflation and deflation of the medical-grade Air Cell Massagers

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