Why The Kimchi Refrigerator Is For You

What is a kimchi refrigerator? A common misconception can be that this type of refrigerator is only for kimchi (a staple traditional Korean side dish of salted and fermented vegetables, usually napa cabbage or Korean radish for) — that it solely exists to mask certain odors and to regulate temperature so their kimchi can last longer. While this is true, there are other benefits and uses to a kimchi refrigerator. Here, we break some down. 

HiTRONS — Dimchae Kimchi Refrigerator

The kimchi refrigerator: 

Is designed to implement effective parts of history
: 1995, after years of development, Dimchae was launched into the market as the first ever commercial brand to sell kimchi refrigerators. It was designed to imitate the traditional Korean method of storing food in the ground to keep food colder, to avoid humidity, and to preserve food for a longer duration. About over a decade later, more brands like Samsung and LG started introducing their own products into the market.

Has more advanced features than a traditional refrigerator: With most of these appliances having several compartments, or “cooling rooms”, one has a wider range of flexibility in controlling the temperature and humidity for each accordingly. Most kimchi refrigerators also have various modes, like ‘Kimchi Storage’ mode, ‘Refrigerator’ mode, ‘Freezer’ mode, ‘Vegetable and Fruit’ mode, etc. And what would be a kimchi refrigerator without kimchi fermentation mode options? Our products include ‘One Night Fermentation’, ‘Various Types of Kimchi Fermentation’ modes, and more. 

Is also beneficial for its containers: As multiple containers are included in these appliances, the kimchi refrigerator quickly becomes recognized for its practicality. Because the way of Korean food usually leads to heavy storage (Koreans have a longstanding history of storing food for the family, and food for their friends and neighbors to share), one can use kimchi refrigerators to also store meats, fruits, and vegetables in the provided containers. 

Has unparalleled history: As a certified retailer and partner of Dimchae, we at HiTRONS are incredibly proud of the brand’s history of developing and advancing their products for over 25 years. What adds to their excellent reputation is their after-service customer service. Our kimchi refrigerator customers know that if their purchase becomes damaged or defective, an exact exchange of the item will be provided to them at absolutely no cost. 

Shop Dimchae and our other brands, and you’ll be pleased with the HiTRONS way: fast and free shipping, excellent customer service, and a product that will improve your way of life.