What Is Zero Gravity?

What is Zero Gravity? Some may claim that zero gravity technology in massage chairs is inspired by NASA’s system for astronauts when they launch into space. During liftoff when their bodies are put through extreme pressure and stress, their weight is evenly distributed from head to toe. Whether or not this truly originated from NASA’s design, there’s no denying that we are fans of zero-g in our massage chairs.

zero gravity astronauts

If you’re in the market for a luxury massage chairs, you should arm yourself with some zero-gravity knowledge and consider it a factor when it comes to your search: 

massage chair zero gravity position
    1. Zero-Gravity massage chairs improve circulation: As the massage chair reclines you into a flat position, your feet will be at level with your heart, allowing for an increased blood flow throughout the body. Your heart, muscles, and even arteries will benefit from improved blood flow during your relaxing massage.

    2. Zero-Gravity massage chairs help reduce back pain: As you’re reading this right now, are you sitting? Standing? We spend most of our time in our lives putting pressure and stress on our spines. Remaining in a zero-g position during your massage time can help take the weight off your spine. If made to a frequent habit, your back will thank you. 

    3. Zero-Gravity massage chairs help you breathe better: Have you noticed your breathing patterns a little more closely when you lie down on a flat surface? While you may be in a similar position in zero-g, being propped up can help open airways, allowing you to catch your breath a little better as you enjoy your massage.

    4. Zero-Gravity massage chairs can reduce swelling: It’s only natural for our body parts to swell after walking or sitting for a long time, because our blood only knows to flow in a certain direction after an extended period of time. You can expect a better and more-thorough massage when your blood circulation is distributed evenly throughout your body! 

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Photo Source: NASA 
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