Ask HiTRONS: Are Massage Chairs Worth It?

As it is important with any purchase you make, you need to ask the questions, “is this worth it?” and “is this really for me?” when it comes to deciding to buy a massage chair. Many blog posts, articles, and websites will give you a list of general benefits, but we at HiTRONS know that our products are not for everyone. 

Leaning more high-end, our chairs can be considered a luxury, but have unmatched qualities any full body massage chair can offer. Here, we list out who these products can be for, and who we can confidently say “yes!” to those who ask, “Is it worth it to buy a massage chair?” 

HiTRONS: high-end full body massage chairs

For Those with Muscle Pain (and Want to Save Money in the Long Run)

If you have recurring pain throughout your body; on your upper and lower back, your calves, shoulders, or neck, it may be worth owning a high-end massage chair. With functions and features that can adjust to your body and can focus on specific body parts, you can work to reduce any existing muscle tension frequently! 

And we all know that regular visits to a massage therapist adds up! Usually, it can cost about $50-120 for an hour massage. If one went once a week for say, $75 a session, that's at least additional $3,600 a year that can be saved for years to come.

For Those Who Want to Take Relaxation to Another Level

Most of our HiTRONS customers order and position their massage chairs in their living room, in front of their TV. After a long day, they look forward to relaxing in their chairs, where they can sink in and let the rollers work their magic. Studies have shown that getting a massage can reduce stress and anxiety — a personal masseuse by way of a high-end massage chair is no exception! 

For Those Who Prioritize Their Health 

With countless health benefits (i.e. relieving muscle tension, body pain, aches, boosting immunity through increasing blood flow, flushing toxins, and more), getting a full body high-quality massage chair can do your health only good if used consistently and routinely. Not to mention your mental health! 

If you are in in the market and located in the East Coast, you can find a HiTRONS store closest to you, to try out our massage chairs in person before making your decision!