Are Massage Chairs Worth It?

Are Massage Chairs Worth It?

You may have seen them in the shopping mall, maybe inside the lounge at an international airport, or maybe even in a Korean drama. But the massage chair popularity has been on the RISE amongst younger millennials since the start of the pandemic. Working from home has made us want to invest a bit more into our mental and physical wellbeing - high tech massage chairs being the perfect solution.

Now you may be wondering, are massage chairs worth it? Is it better to purchase a massage chair than attend my regular visits to a massage therapist? Is it worth investing thousands of dollars in this big piece of furniture?

Massage chairs are absolutely worth it if:

1. You have pains and knots you need to relieve and small massage accessories won't do the trick


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Whether it's from working out or built up stress from sitting all day at work, we accrue knots and aches as we get older, but the worst are the knots and pain points we cannot reach. (even massage guns can't hit the spot!)

Well-made premium massage chairs provide accurate full body scans to provide highly detailed massages. While sitting and feeling weightless, the high tech sensors, rollers and airbags are activated into your painful knots and aching areas - providing a sense of deep relief and relaxation. You can enhance the experience and turn on the Heat Therapy features to make the rollers almost feel like the human hands!

Easy to use auto programs such as 'Deep Tissue Massage' are installed for you to experience various massages with one touch of a button along with a customization mode programmed with a wide range of customization options.

Along with getting rid of pesky, unreachable knots and aches, these high quality massage chairs are also known to:

  • relieve stress with increased relaxation
  • improve blood circulation
  • provide faster muscle recovery
  • improve your posture

     2. You're frugal with your finances


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    We've seen prices go up in EVERYTHING over the last two years. Your weekly visit to your massage therapist now costs on average $70-150 an hour.

    If you went once a week say, $75 a session, that's an additional $3,600 a year that can be saved for years to come. Purchasing and owning a massage chair is an upfront investment BUT you get to:

    • have complete ownership of your massage chair
    • your in-home massage therapy over the course of many years (our customers have used their chairs very well past 3 years)
    • friends & family can use it
    • you can program the chair to repeatedly provide specific massage techniques in certain areas without anyone getting tired or annoyed! (machines are the best 😂)

    3. You want your own relaxation zone

    white massage chair


    Working from home has provided a new type of stress in our most private environments. Some of us have kids running around, Zoom calls in the dining room while overhearing your spouse on another conference call - what was once a relaxing and peaceful sanctuary place became another work zone you may dread.

    Having your own massage chair in your home can create a newly peaceful space for you.

    Maybe owning one will provide that work/relax balance you always needed? How about deep tissue massages in between conference calls? Sign me up!


    4. You want to sleep, better


    A woman waking up


    Have trouble falling asleep? Do you need a better night time routine to get a better night's rest?

    Massage chair owners regularly use their chairs before going to sleep and turn on their favorite Night Time modes. These relaxing and gentler massage sessions provide a soothing and deeply satisfying bodily - lullaby. Try a session or two and you'll be yawning in your chair - just make sure you don't drool, the upholstery is not covered under warranty 😭


    Massage chairs may be relatively a big investment upfront but may be well worth it in the long run, especially if any of these points are relatable to you.

    HiTRONS has massage chair stores so when you're finally ready to check out the market for your own high quality massage chair, we'll be ready to assist you 🤝


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