The Importance of Food and Temperature Control

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You can look at any restaurant kitchen’s complex array of refrigerators (or even their ‘cold rooms’), to know that there exists an important relationship between food and the temperature it's stored in. Even traditional refrigerators have ideal placements per food type — for example, because the back and bottom of the fridge are typically the coolest, you would want to store foods that tend to spoil quicker like meat and dairy products. And because the upper shelves tend to have more of a consistent temperature, it’s recommended to store leftovers and snacks there. 

But not every refrigerator comes with enough drawers for your meat, dairy products, vegetables, etc. that would help avoid quicker spoilage due to inadequate and frequent changes in temperature from the constant door openings. What if you knew that there were refrigerators dedicated to consistent temperature control? This is where we lend a friendly reminder that kimchi refrigerators are made for that. 

We covered the benefits of kimchi refrigerators and how they’re for food beyond kimchi, but want to emphasize here that because kimchi refrigerators have been designed with various settings and mode to effectively ferment kimchi, they are equally as useful in keeping your meat, dairy, produce, and more fresher and more long-lasting. Because who doesn’t want to optimize the life of their food and avoid more food waste? 

HiTRONS — Dimchae Kimchi Refrigerator
Take our Dimchae Maman Kimchi Refrigerator 418L (in Romantic Red) for example. With the following features, you can feel confident that your food will have a longer, healthier, and tastier life! 

✔️ Three Independent Cooling Rooms

✔️ 16 Individual Kimchi Fermentation Containers

✔️ Hidden Display Touch Control Panel

✔️ Direct Cooling with Cold Air Curtain Zones

✔️ Kimchi Fermentation Modes (Health Care Fermentation Technology, Various Types of Kimchi Fermentation, One Night Fermentation)

✔️ Kimchi Storage Modes by Compartment (Room 1: Kimchi Storage Mode, Refrigerator Mode, or Freezer Mode, Room 2 : Kimchi Storage Mode, Vegetable & Fruit Mode, or Store Bought Kimchi Mode, and Room 3 : Kimchi Storage Mode, Vegetable & Fruit Mode, or Rice Storage Mode) 

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