The Best Heated Massage Chairs

As the cold weather rolls in, it's time to start thinking about how you'll stay relaxed and warm this winter season. One great option is investing in a heated massage chair - one that provide luxurious massages from the comfort of your home while also keeping your muscles and joints relieved and warm.

Below we'll review some of the top heated massage chairs for 2023. These chairs stand out thanks to their high-tech features, soothing heat therapy, and ability to target tension for a truly humanlike massage experience.


Everycare 207 heated

Everycare 207 Massage Chair

The Everycare 207 is a customer favorite for its sleek, compact design and easy-to-use nature. It comes equipped with heating in the backrest and footrest to relax muscles while a shiatsu massage loosens tight spots. Some standout features include:

  • 49” L-track to target the neck, shoulders, and lower back
  • Adjustable shoulder airbags for a custom fit
  • Body scanning technology to detect pressure points
  • Bluetooth speakers and USB charging built in
  • Zero gravity recline for deeper relaxation

With advanced 2D massage rollers and three levels of neck massage, the Everycare 207 delivers targeted relief. It also includes calf massage and foot rollers for a refreshing sole massage.

Price: $3,999

Color Options: White/Gray, White/Beige


Everycare 7300 heated

Everycare 7300 Massage Chair

For luxurious comfort, the Everycare 7300 is a top pick for 2023. This plush massage chair comes in a beautiful champagne gold and uses an easy-to-use tablet controller. The standout feature is the heating - it can warm up your back, feet, AND calves/knees for whole-body relaxation. Runners and those with knee pain will benefit from the focused warmth right where they need it most.

It uses SD massage technology to deliver a human-like massage that customizes to your body's needs. With advanced neck and shoulder massage techniques, it also targets tension in the upper body.

Other highlights:

  • 49” L-track
  • Air compression therapy
  • Zero gravity recline
  • Full body scan
  • Foot rollers
  • 3-year comprehensive warranty

Price: $7,999

Color Options: Champagne Gold, White/Beige


Everycare 7701 heated

Everycare 7701 Massage Chair

For a truly unique massage experience, the Everycare 7701 uses dual massage mechanisms to work the upper and lower body simultaneously. It's like getting a massage from two masseuses at once! While one set of massage rollers targets your neck and shoulders, a separate set focuses on your hips, glutes, and legs - no area is neglected. This creates an exceptionally thorough and customizable massage.

This advanced chair also includes heating in the back, knees, and feet for full-body warmth. It uses 4D massage technology and an L-track to reach all areas of muscle tension.

Other features:

  • Air compression therapy
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Zero gravity
  • Advanced foot rollers
  • Body scanning
  • 3-year warranty

Price: $7,999

Color Options: Champagne Gold, White/Dark Brown, Navy Blue/Dark Brown

Relax in Style with a Heated Massage

Treat yourself to daily relief with these high-tech massage chairs that deliver human-like massages, head-to-toe heating, and customization so you can target your unique pain points. With a heated massage chair from Everycare, you'll stay relaxed and rejuvenated all winter long.

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