Gorini is here. Shop the finest Italian Leather furniture in NJ

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Gorini, a beacon of Italian leather craftsmanship, at our New Jersey showroom. Gorini, with its deep-rooted passion for quality and design, brings a collection that is more than just furniture; it's a narrative of artistry and comfort. 


The Essence of Gorini's Leather

At Gorini, leather is not just a material; it's a living, breathing canvas of luxury. Sourced exclusively from Italy, their high-quality leather is eco-friendly and displays unique characteristics that only an expert eye can appreciate. Feel the softness and witness the subtle changes in color and texture that give each piece its distinctive charm.



Gorini Madame Luxury

Sustainable Wood with a Story

The core of Gorini's furniture – its solid fir wood structure and hardboard panels – speaks of durability and European heritage. Each element is carefully selected from certified and eco-friendly sources, ensuring that the furniture is not only beautiful but also responsible.

Comfort Redefined with Innovation

Gorini reimagines comfort with sterilized, hypo-allergenic goose down and an innovative multi-chamber padding system. The zig-zag layout of natural fabric pockets ensures that the down remains evenly distributed, promising everlasting comfort.

Heart and Soul in Every Piece

Rejecting the ordinary, Gorini's padding transcends the norm with POLILATEX HT®, a high-performance foam that retains elasticity and comfort even after 75,000 compression cycles. This commitment to quality ensures that every sit feels like the first.

Gorini Madame Scheda

Deeply Rooted in Craftsmanship

Gorini's journey from a simple idea to a renowned brand mirrors the Italian tradition of blending craftsmanship with innovation. Each sofa from Gorini is a testament to the founders' dedication, encapsulating comfort and authenticity in every stitch.

A Symphony of Local Talent

Gorini's connection to its territory in Forlì is a proud representation of collaborative craftsmanship. The synergy with local woodworkers, upholsterers, designers, and manufacturers has birthed sofas that are not just furniture but pieces of art.

Gorini Lenny

Uncompromised Quality

For Gorini, "made in Italy" is not just a label but a standard of excellence. With over 30 years of history, Gorini Divani stands out for its relentless pursuit of quality, ensuring that each product is a narrative of perfection and a testament to top-notch local craftsmanship.

Gorini in New Jersey


Discover Gorini in New Jersey

Our New Jersey showroom now houses this exquisite collection of Gorini's Italian leather furniture. Come in and explore the blend of luxury, comfort, and sustainable elegance. Located in Ridgefield New Jersey, our showroom is a gateway to experiencing the finest of Italian craftsmanship.

Visit us today to find a piece that resonates with your taste and elevates your home's aesthetic. We'll help you make your home the most comfortable place, with style. Shop the exclusive made to order Gorini selection today.

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