Kimchi Refrigerator Delivery Service

Welcome to our Kimchi Refrigerator Delivery Service, where tradition meets convenience.

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Exclusive Service for NY, NJ, VA, and MD Regions

For our valued customers residing in the NY, NJ, VA, and MD regions, we offer an unparalleled delivery experience. Our specially trained staff not only ensures that your new kimchi fridge reaches your doorstep but also goes the extra mile by:

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    Delivering it to your room of choice

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    Cleaning up all debris and packing material, leaving your space neat

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    Providing a brief tutorial on how to optimally use your new kimchi refrigerator, ensuring you get the most out of your purchase

For Our Extended Family Beyond These States

If you're located outside of the NY, NJ, VA, and MD regions, don't worry! We've got you covered. Our deliveries outside these regions are managed by our reliable third-party network. Please note that the delivery fee may vary based on them delivery range and any flight of stairs involved in the delivery process.

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Discover Our Wide Range of Kimchi Refrigerators

Curious about our collection? Browse through our extensive range of Kimchi fridge.

Experience Them First-Hand
If you're the kind who likes to touch, feel, and experience before buying, we invite you to our showrooms. Get up-close and personal with our collection, and let our concierge service guide you through your choices. Visit our showrooms to make your purchase experience even more special.

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