Upgrading from the Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair to Everycare

Upgrading from Inada to Everycare: our customer's story

After using an Inada massage chair for 5 years, one customer decided to switch to Everycare, and they were amazed by the difference in their massage experience. In this blog post, we'll explore the customer's journey and why they believe the Everycare massage chair has taken their relaxation to a whole new level.


Upgrade Inada to Everycare

Enhanced Performance

The customer noted that the Everycare massage chair felt like "a different level" compared to their previous Inada chair. They attributed this to the Everycare's double engine functionality, which seems to have significantly enhanced the performance and overall massage experience. With the Everycare's advanced features, the customer has been able to enjoy a more comprehensive and rejuvenating massage session.
(image of double engine)


Everycare GF500-01 zero gravity

Comparing Features

While the Inada massage chair provided a satisfactory experience for 5 years, the customer found that the Everycare chair offered several enhanced features that set it apart. The Everycare's 4D massage technology, 8-roller massage mechanism, and intelligent calf kneading capabilities have all contributed to the customer's improved massage experience.

Check out the differences between the Inada Dreamwave and Everycare GF500-01:

Feature Inada DreamWave Everycare GF500-01
Max User Height Limit 6'2" 6'2"
Max User Weight Limit 300 lbs 300 lbs
Auto Programs 16 programs 24 programs
Manual Modes Various adjustments available (direction, speed, intensity, etc.) 8 manual modes with adjustments for mode, position, width, speed, and 4D intensity
Special Features 3D massage, full body stretch, youth program, heat therapy 4D massage, zero gravity, heat therapy, powerful stretch function, Bluetooth, cozier with more seating depth
Controller Analog controller Touch screen controller
Track L-track S&L Track



Long-Term Satisfaction

The customer's decision to upgrade from the Inada to the Everycare massage chair demonstrates their commitment to investing in high-quality massage solutions for their long-term well-being. After being satisfied with the Inada chair for 5 years, the customer's choice to transition to the Everycare model suggests a continued pursuit of optimal massage therapy and relaxation. Our customer's decision to go with the Everycare massage chair also shows our commitment to progressing massage technology.

(5 star after service, long lasting aftercare service)


"After using the Inada massage chair for 5 years, I switched to Everycare, but perhaps because it has a double engine, it feels like a different level. It's really good."
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Everycare GF500-01

Our customer's positive experience with transitioning from the Inada to the Everycare massage chair highlights the importance of investing in a massage solution that can provide a truly elevated and comprehensive relaxation experience. Everycare's advanced features, such as its 4D massage technology and dual-pump mechanism, have significantly enhanced the customer's overall massage experience, leading to increased satisfaction and well-being. If you have an older massage chair and you're interested in upgrading, even getting some trade in credit, please visit one of our massage chair stores.

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