Best Massage Chairs for your Home

The Best Massage Chairs for your Home

Your home should be the most comfortable place, and it can be! Instead of having to go out for a bit of stress and muscle relief, you can bring your intelligent masseuse right into your home. Imagine having luxurious massages in between your most stressful and hardest days? Our top-rated massage chairs bring innovative wellness technology into your home.

Having helped hundreds of customers find their perfect massage chair in our showrooms, we'll share some of the best massage chair models our customers love, so you can create your personal spa at home.


Everycare 208

Everycare 208 

For those looking for an affordable but highly comprehensive massage chair, the Everycare 208 is a compact powerhouse. Its small size makes it easy to place in virtually any room. But don't let the petite stature fool you - this chair packs a serious massage punch. User-friendly controls allow you to fully customize your massage, targeting specific areas or just enjoying one of the pre-programmed full-body routines. The open foot design provides easy entry and exit.


Everycare Napoles

Everycare Napoles

Elevate your home's ambiance with the luxurious styling of the Everycare Napoles massage chair. This beautiful piece combines sleek Italian design with cutting-edge Japanese massage technology. Choose from over 24 pre-set auto programs or take full manual control to alleviate stubborn knots and tightness. Detailed deep tissue massages cover your entire body from neck to glutes, even the bottoms of your feet. Extended knee airbags provide calf compression for improved circulation.


Everycare 7701

Everycare EC-7701

For the ultimate full-body home massage experience, look no further than the Everycare EC-7701. This premium chair features not just one, but two advanced massage mechanisms - allowing your upper and lower body to be simultaneously massaged (like receiving two massages at once!). Pre-programmed massages utilize a vast array of rolling, tapping, knocking, compression, and Shiatsu techniques. Or take the reins with highly customizable manual massage modes. The stylish design fits seamlessly into your modern living space.


Panasonic MAK1

Panasonic MAK1

For those seeking both innovative massage functionality and a classic, luxurious aesthetic - the Panasonic MAK1 delivers. With this chair's intuitive touchscreen controller, you tailor every aspect of your personal massage. Adjust the massage region from your neck all the way to the soles of your feet. Choose from a wide variety of massage types and styles. This iconic Panasonic model exemplifies the fine art of in-home massage therapy.

No matter which of these top-rated chairs you choose, you'll be creating your own personal spa-like oasis right at home. Just recline, adjust, and let the advanced massage mechanisms melt away your stress, muscle tension, and recharge your mind and body.

Enough reading, more experiencing

Stop dreaming about having a professional masseuse on call, and make it a reality with one of our advance, full body massage chairs. Visit one of our showrooms today to experience these top massage chairs in person. Our specialists will guide you to the perfect model for your home, body, and needs. Invest in your wellness and bring daily massages into your cozy corner.

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