Why Visiting a Massage Chair Store Beats Online Shopping

Massage chairs have soared in popularity in recent years, providing a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of a massage without leaving the comfort of your home. But should the convenience of online shopping replace the in-person experience of trying out a massage chair? Are there any important takeaways we miss by skipping the in-store trials?

To help you make an informed and satisfying purchase, we'll share the essential perks you will miss by not trying out a massage chair in-store.

An image that shows a massage chairs rollers


The Unique Feel of Massage Rollers

The industry is advertised with lots of hype around the massage technology: 2D, 3D, SD, 4D rollers - S track, J track, L track massage chairs. While the roller technology and the massage tracks are important, their true value only becomes apparent when you sink into the chair yourself.

Massage rollers are like masseuses' hands—unique and vastly different. Some have really thick massage heads and some feel extremely narrow. Which one feels best? That's a personal preference and will differ for each individual.

Even with massage intensity settings, solely reading about the features is no substitute for trying out the massage chair technology in person.

Experiencing the Fabric Firsthand

Online reviews and descriptions can be helpful when researching massage chairs, but they have their limitations. The upholstery and fabric play a significant role in your massage experience. How does it feel on your skin? Does it feel cheap, or does it enhance the massage experience? The upholstery can dictate how your massage experience can feel. You won't know until you feel it for yourself.

The Right Fit for Your Body


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Massage chairs come in various sizes (big chairs, medium sized chairs, and compact massage chairs) and it's crucial to find one that accommodates your body type. While online measurements indicate you may fit within the height and weight limits, the chair could still feel too "tight" once you're inside. A chair that's too small or too big might not deliver the massage experience you desire and could even cause discomfort or pain.

A Family Affair

Choosing a massage chair is a significant investment in terms of price and size. As such, it's crucial to consider the needs and preferences of your household members. Test drive massage chairs with your family in-store and gather their input to make a well-rounded family decision.

The True Cost of "Free" Night Trials

Many online stores advertise "free night trials" for their massage chairs. While these offers may extend the return window, customers are still responsible for repacking and shipping the heavy chairs or requesting a pickup service, costing around $500-600. Returning a massage chair will cost you money regardless of the seller, so why not try them in-store until you're completely satisfied with their performance?

Begin your Massage Chair Adventure

An image that shows the Eervycare 7300 in a livingroom


Choosing a massage chair doesn't have to be overwhelming - it just takes you to log off the computer and decide to visit a massage chair store. Avoid the heavy burden of buyer's remorse by experiencing chairs firsthand and determining if they're the right fit for your family.

At HiTRONS, our massage chair showrooms offer a concierge service that helps you test drive all of our chairs with your loved ones. We'll get you seated, adjust the chairs, and showcase what each massage machine can offer.

Remember, the best massage chairs are discovered in-store.

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