What is a Kimchi Refrigerator?

A kimchi refrigerator is a specialty appliance that mimics South Korean food preservation techniques using temperature and humidity controls. This technology provides a unique and stable way to store your favorite foods. Originally built for kimchi storage in mind, this dynamic specialty appliance has evolved to accommodate other types of food and has become increasingly popular in Western households.

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Let's explore how a kimchi refrigerator was created, why it's special, and how it differs versus a conventional refrigerator  

The history of kimchi refrigerators:

The idea of a kimchi fridge was originates from the traditional Korean method of storing kimchi. It was designed specifically to imitate the method of storing food in underground to keep food colder, to avoid humidity, and to preserve food for a longer duration.

In 1995, Dimchae was launched into the market as the first ever commercial brand to sell specialty kimchi refrigerators.

Over a decade later, major brands like Samsung and LG electronics started introducing their own kimchi fridge lines into the market.

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What are the special features of kimchi refrigerators?

One of the main differences between conventional refrigerators and kimchi refrigerators are the specialized compartments, or “cooling rooms” built in kimchi fridges.

These cooling rooms are often protected by layer of "curtains" to lock in the coolness, keep humidity and temperate stable and enclosed at all times.

You'll also notice some unique food preservation features such as:

  • Kimchi Storage
  • Refrigerator Mode
  • Freezer Mode
  • Vegetable
  • Fruit Mode
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Kimchi refrigerators have unique styles and builds:

Kimchi fridges may look like standard refrigerators but they also come in different styles. To mimic the traditional method of storing food underground, kimchi refrigerators were originally created with a chest-like design where you open from the top up.

You can also explore through various sizes, design styles, and fridge types (lid type, standing type, chest type).

A kimchi refrigerator often comes with specialized containers:

With multiple containers included in these appliances, the kimchi refrigerator quickly becomes recognized for its practicality. Because the way of Korean food usually leads to heavy storage (Koreans have a longstanding history of storing food for the family, and food for their friends and neighbors to share), you can use kimchi refrigerators to also store other foods like meats, fruits, and vegetables in the provided containers. 

Where can I buy a kimchi refrigerator?

You can find kimchi refrigerator in stores or inside Korean supermarkets . Since it's common in the Korean household, you should be able to simply search for kimchi refrigerator stores near you and visit the closest retailer.

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