Comparing the Panasonic MAJ7 and MA73 Massage Chairs

At HiTRONS, we curate only the best massage chairs — whether they are from Japan or Korea, our aim has always been to offer products that bring value to our customers. In our case, value that improves health and wellbeing by way of technology. Among our best-in-class collection of massage chairs is Panasonic. 

Endorsed by the ACA (American Chiropractic Association), our Panasonic collection will provide you expertly crafted massage chairs that have been designed to give you a personalized massage experience through its body scanning sensors, with infrared heated rollers to imitate the hands of a professional masseuse. 

But you may be wondering, “which Panasonic massage chair is right for me?” and between the two models we carry, “what is the difference between the Panasonic EP-MAJ7 and Panasonic EP-MA73?”. We broke some features down for you, so you don’t need to scroll through countless other blogs or websites to find what works best for you!

Similarities between the MAJ7 and MA73
✔️ Heated rollers
✔️ Ultra-kneading
✔️ Full body air cell coverage
✔️ 3D massage rollers
✔️ Elegant recliner
✔️ Six automatic programs
✔️ Body scan technology
✔️ Junetsu Massage (Panasonic exclusive kneading feature)
✔️ ACA endorsed
✔️ Hidden arm massagers

1. Through its Professional Sole Massage feature, the MAJ7 offers a fusion of cutting-edge technology and reflexology techniques that deliver deep, therapeutic massage to the soles of your feet. Full coverage air cells hold your foot in place as the MAJ7 replicates the hand movements of a professional reflexologist. Capable of plantar arch massage, sole kneading, and sole shiatsu, the sole mechanism can adjust intensity and style to suit you.
panasonic MA73 and MAJ7 massage chairs
 2. The MAJ7 offers a Real Pro Ultra mechanism that constantly feeds information to the chair’s Position and Force Micro Processor, adjusting massage movements and pressure based on this real-time feedback. 
panasonic MA73 and MAJ7 massage chairs
3. The MA73 includes a Rotating Ottoman, which is designed to seamlessly blend into any interior decor between massages — it doubles as a stylish, comfortable armchair.

panasonic MA73 and MAJ7 massage chairs
4.The MAJ7 has 15 full body programs, whereas the MA73 has 7.

panasonic MA73 and MAJ7 massage chairs 
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