The Lifespan of a Massage Chair: What to Expect and How to Extend It

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Warranty Coverage
3. Keep It Clean
4. Be Gentle
5. Request Maintenance
6. Parts Availability
7. Store Locations

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1. Introduction

Massage chairs are the mesh of traditional massage therapy and modern technology. They’ve come a long way since their inception in the 1960s in Asia. But a common question arises – how long do these advanced machines last? With over two decades in the business, we at Hitrons have insights to share!

2. Warranty Coverage:

Reading the warranties can often be enigmatic and filled with pages of legal jargon. Ensure clarity by asking the dealer to list out the specifics. Remember, phrases like "3 years full coverage" can be deceiving - always seek detailed explanations and consult customer reviews for insights on after-sales service.

Massage chair parts


3. Keep It Clean

A clean chair isn’t just visually pleasing – it’s a necessity to keep this massage chairs running for years. When wear and tear start to show, especially on the PU material, reach out to your dealer for replacements or solutions. Remember, cleanliness extends beyond aesthetics.

 4. Be Gentle

While inviting and comfortable, massage chairs are delicate pieces of technology. The foot unit, embedded with sensors, warrants special care. Permit the chair its full cycles of operation to ensure a seamless and prolonged operation. 

5. Request Maintenance

If available by your dealer, routine maintenance is to a massage chair what tuning is to a piano – essential. Dealers who offer massage chair maintenance illustrate commitment to the chair’s enduring performance. It’s a mark of quality, professionalism, and a level of expertise.

Massage Chair maintainance


6. How long will parts be available for?

The availability of parts post-warranty is a litmus test for a dealer’s reliability. Ensure clarity on this front to avoid the gloomy sight of an unattended chair turning into a relic of neglect. 

7. Store Locations

Visit our massage chair stores across the east coast and experience the difference. To ensure it's a long lasting purchase, we warmly invite you and your entire family to experience these advance technologies firsthand.

Everycare Studio, Fort Lee, NJ: Located inside Hannam Market in Fort Lee, NJ
1475 Bergen Boulevard, Fort Lee NJ 07024
(888) 809-1167


Hitrons Ridgefield, NJ: Next door to Hanyang Supermarket, Hitrons in Ridgefield, NJ is the headquarter location. The largest selection of appliances, massage chairs, and italian furniture can be found here.

1 Remsen Pl. Ridgefield NJ 07657
(201) 941-0024


Hitrons Flushing, NY: Located conveniently on Main Street of Flushing, our location is nestled inside Daedong Manor. It's recently expanded to showcase over 10 massage chairs for you to experience.

150-24 Northern Blvd Unit G10. Queens, NY  11354
(718) 445-2005 

Hitrons Centreville, VA:  Our newest location in Centrewood Plaza. Hitrons in Centreville presents modern specialty appliances, italian mattresses, and the biggest selection of massage chairs in the NoVa area.

14215J Centreville Square, Centreville, VA 20121
(703) 266-0806 


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