The Benefits of Luxury Massage Chairs

There are plenty of cheap massage chairs out there, all you have to do is type in “cheap massage chairs” or “affordable massage chairs” to see the countless models selling for less than $3,000. But we at HiTRONS pride ourselves in curating only the best massage chairs of the highest quality. So we’re here to provide answers to those who are wondering if luxury massage chairs are worth it, and share a few of the differences between cheaper and high-end brands:
HiTRONS Bodyfriend Massage Chair — Luxury Massage Chairs

  • Luxury Massage Chairs are Unique: If one compares models among cheaper brands, they will find that the materials, functions, and features are akin across the board. When purchasing from a higher-end brand, one can find comfort in knowing that the maker designed their chair with unique features that differentiate the brand from its competitors. While the priority of cheaper names may be to mass-produce, the priority for luxury makers is to focus on innovation and creating characteristics that are specifically for their users’ benefit. 

  • Luxury Massage Chairs are Dedicated to R&D: Our partners at HiTRONS are dedicated to the research and development of their products. They spend years devoted to innovation and improving areas where possible in their labs, resulting in products that are more customizable and personalized for the user, rather than having cookie-cutter massage modes delved from the factory. For example, one of our brands Bodyfriend, has more than 200 researchers in their research laboratory, design center, medical research center, and integrated research center — one won’t be able to find that level of dedication from a cheaper maker. 

  • The Brand Promise: With luxury massage chairs, one will have the peace of mind knowing that they will be taken care of. Whether it be through a warranty, HiTRON’s repair or return service, there comes a sense of security when purchasing a higher-end chair with us.

  • History Counts for Luxury Massage Chair Brands: All our massage chairs are dedicated to getting as close to the human touch as much as possible. Through intense research and development, they have seen the success of this goal with their accurate sensors. Most of our brands: Panasonic, Inada, and Fujiiryoki were founded in the 50’s and 60’s, paving decades of learning and data collection to mimic the human touch. You’ll notice that all our massage chairs start each session by scanning your body to identify accurate accupoints for each user in its seat. 

  • Luxury Does Equal Quality: Just like how there are a lot of “fakes” out there for products ranging from smartphones, handbags, and clothing, the same goes for massage chairs. Cheaper massage chairs are more likely to be produced from a manufacturer with minimal quality control and regulation. If you want true quality to rely on, luxury massage chairs are the way to go. 

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