Shopping for a Massage Chair? Read this before making your purchase!

3 Effective Tips to help you find the best massage chair in 2023:

After a long day of work, you find yourself wanting to relax in the comfort of your own home. How about relaxing in a zero gravity massage chair, with heat therapy that mimics the warm, human hands? What about air bags that inflate to provide a full body stretch? And you can't forget the Night Time modes to help you fall asleep faster!

There are many health as well as financial benefits to owning your own full body massage chair. But it all starts with you finding a place to try massage chairs near you.

Here are some helpful tips so you can find the right massage chair and the right massage chair dealer:

1. Search for massage chair stores near you

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    Instead of purchasing online or from random roadshow events, it's highly recommended to visit specialists for such high end products, like luxury watches and car dealerships. Check out the nearest massage chair store on Google and research customer reviews.(Who are they? How long have they been in business? What are customers saying about their service?)

2. Take some time and a massage chair showroom

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  • Bring your family and take time to experience each and every chair. Most massage chair stores have a wide selection and showcase an average of six massage chairs from various brands for you to try.
  • How does a 2d massage feel versus a 4d? Is the price difference worth it?
  • Are you looking for a big chair? A compact massage chair? See it in person!
  • It is all about product quality and selection to make you feel good - so take your time explaining to the massage chair specialists what your needs and preferences are. (neck pain? lower back pain? need a good stretch after a golf sesh?)

    3. ⚠️ Ask A LOT OF questions!

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    • Who will be providing the delivery and installation? To ensure a great delivery and installation experience, make sure the delivery and installation are provided by the dealer’s official company and NOT A THIRD PARTY. These are very advanced mechanical pieces of furniture and contain sensitive hardware. Therefore, it must be handled with care, diligence and with precision by technicians with experience.
    • How long is your warranty and what does it cover? Online stores and non experienced dealers tend to provide lengthy and complex write ups instead of answering these questions in a simple and upfront manner - who reads these long contractual fine prints? Massage chair specialists will be able to provide you very simple and clear answers to these important questions.
    • Who will provide the warranty or repair services? If you had purchased a luxury watch, you’d expect that same dealer to be able to provide the technical services as well- it is also true in the case of high end massage chairs. Massage Chairs are VERY mechanical and technically well built. But over time, massage chairs may need repairs or services in the future even after the warranty period ends. It is important to ensure companies will have these massage chair parts in the future along with the experienced technicians to cater to your future service needs.


      🎁 Bonus Tip to Help you Save some extra cash:

      Ask your massage chair dealership if they have trade in programs (like cellphone trade in programs). Some major showrooms allow you to "trade" in your old (sometimes broken chairs are accepted) massage chair for at least some sort of credit towards your new massage chair purchase, saving you some extra cash along the way.
      An old massage chair vs a new massage chair

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