Panasonic MAK1 Massage Chair: in-home massage experience, redefined


An image that shows the Panasonic MAK1 left side view


Panasonic MAK1 Massage Chair: The Pinnacle of Japanese Engineering

The Panasonic MAK1 represents the leading edge of advanced Japanese engineering applied to massage chair technology. The highly anticipated release delivers an unparalleled massage experience that both refreshes and relaxes the body from head to toe.

Staying true to its Contemporary Design and Ergonomics

While the MAK1 retains the classic clean lines and ergonomic lounging comfort that Panasonic chairs are known for, the overall aesthetic feels freshly polished and contemporary. The smooth pristine leather upholstery looks tailor-made to cradle your body's natural curves. And the sleek robotic tablet controller adds a modern high-tech element when you power on and digitally customize your massage. 

Panasonic MAK1: the Under-the-Hood

Yet, the real marvels of the Panasonic MAK1 lie beneath the surface. This massage chair innovates both physically and digitally to pamper your body with seamless customization and proven massage techniques perfected by Panasonic over decades.

An image that shows the Panasonic MAK1 right side view

Extended Air Compression Arm Massage

One major innovation is the extended air compression arm massage newly developed for the MAK1. Previous Panasonic models provided soothing compression massage for the lower arms. However, the MAK1's proprietary airbags now extend all the way up to your elbows, enveloping your entire lower arms in Shiatsu-style kneading. This enhanced coverage stimulates key acupressure points to unlock muscle tension in areas most massage chairs cannot reach.

Improved Foot Massage Rollers

Of course, Panasonic's foot massage rollers have always been borderline legendary for their intensity. The rollers on the MAJ7 model practically delivered deep-tissue levels of pressure. While right for some, for others it felt too aggressive. 


An image that shows the Panasonic MAK1 airbags

The MAK1 smartly solves this by re-engineering its foot rollers. They seem slightly thicker with modulated bumps to target acupressure zones while remaining gentle yet satisfying. The result is a perfectly balanced foot massage that melts away plantar tension without ever being too ticklish or overly firm. 

An image that shows the Panasonic MAK1 rollers

Digital Immersion: The New Era of Massage Personalization with Panasonic MAK1

Beyond the hardware innovations, the MAK1's standout achievement is its digitally immersive massage personalization. The tablet interface makes selecting exact back regions, levels, massage techniques and programs refreshingly simple and intuitive. 

An image that shows the Panasonic MAK1 tablet

Personalized Massage Sequences

After powering on, just choose between preset programs or manual selections. I chose to target some shoulder knots manually. When selecting the upper back region on the MAK1's body map, you can tap and drag to precisely adjust the massage's radius and position over your specific knots. The result was a focused kneading and tapping of tension-filled muscles that felt tailor-made just for me. The MAK1 delivered instant relief through this digitally-enhanced precision.

An image that shows the Panasonic MAK1 tablet

The onboard tablet also empowers you to curate and save personalized sequences of massage techniques across muscle groups for future sessions. Create your own routines for relaxation goals from vitality to reducing soreness and unwinding before bed.  

Preset Programs: Morning Refresh and Nighttime Recharge with Panasonic MAK1

While customizable, the MAK1's preset programs also shine by combining techniques in optimized ways. The "Morning Refresh" program intersperses gentle rolling stretches with invigorating tapping to awaken your body. While the "Nighttime Recharge" program applies soothing kneading and heating to help you decompress and re-energize after a long day. 


Between the extended air massage reach, optimized foot rollers, customizable manual options, and pre-programmed experiences, the Panasonic MAK1 demonstrates why Panasonic has stayed at the forefront of massage chair technology for decades. This blend of digitally-controlled personalization and proprietary massage techniques provides more comprehensive and restorative relaxation.

An image that shows the Panasonic MAK1 tablet customization


Experience the Panasonic MAK1 Massage Chair

If you're looking for a massage chair that adeptly detects and targets your body's unique pressure points for both rejuvenating and deep relaxation, we highly recommend visiting one of our massage chair showrooms to experience the Panasonic MAK1 firsthand:

Flushing, NY
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Centreville, VA

Experience firsthand its latest enhancements as it ushers in the next era of Japanese massage chair engineering.

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