How to Reset Massage Chair

A premium massage chair is your daily retreat, offering the comfort and relaxation you crave at the touch of a button. However, like any electronic marvel, it might face minor glitches. Fret not, as a simple reset can often restore its magic. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through how to reset your massage chair, ensuring it's ready to melt your stresses away whenever you desire.

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Why Reset Your Massage Chair?

A few common reasons you may need to reset your massage chair include:

  • It is no longer turning on properly
  • The remote has stopped working
  • The massage motions seem weak or off
  • Error messages keep appearing
  • It makes odd noises during the massage

Resetting helps clear any software glitches or errors. It gets the chair back to factory settings so it can operate properly.

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Steps to Reset Your Massage Chair

  1. Power Down: Turn off your massage chair using the power switch.
  2. Unplug: Detach the power cord from the electrical outlet and wait for two minutes. This step helps in clearing any residual memory from the chair’s system.
  3. Plug it Back: Reconnect the power cord to the electrical outlet.
  4. Power Up: Turn on your massage chair using the power switch.
  5. Test: Check for the previously observed glitches. In most cases, your massage chair should now operate smoothly.


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Finding the Right Massage Chair Retailer

Choosing the right retailer is key for avoiding issues down the road. Look for one that provides strong after-sales service, troubleshooting assistance, and support to keep your chair in top shape.


Ensuring your massage chair functions perfectly with a simple reset is an effortless task that guarantees many more soothing sessions. However, the quality of your experience isn't just about the chair itself but also where you get it from.

Why Hitrons?

At Hitrons, we go beyond just selling you a premium massage chair. We're committed to ensuring you enjoy every moment spent in your personal relaxation haven. Our seasoned experts are always ready to provide tailored advice, support, and maintenance tips like the easy reset guide shared above. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched, ensuring you not only get a superior product but also exceptional after-sales service.

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