Experience Enhanced Leg Massage for Circulation with Everycare Massage Chair

Leg massage for circulation is a vital component in maintaining a healthy blood flow, especially for those leading a sedentary lifestyle or facing circulatory issues. The Everycare Massage Chairs not only addresses leg circulation but extends the revitalizing massage experience to your whole body. Discover a holistic approach to boost your circulation and overall wellness.

Unveiling the Everycare Massage Chair Collection: Our meticulously curated Everycare Massage Chair is tailored to cater to various needs, focusing on leg massage for circulation while enveloping the rest of your body in a soothing massage haven.


Everycare 207 left side


Everycare 207 Massage Chair
Price: $3,999
Color Options: White/Gray, White/Beige

  • 49” L-track targeting the neck, shoulders, and lower back.
  • Backrest and footrest heating to ease muscle tension.
  • Adjustable shoulder airbags and body scanning technology for a personalized massage.
  • Advanced 2D massage rollers with three levels of neck massage.
  • Calf massage and foot rollers specifically designed to enhance leg circulation.
  •  Zero gravity recline, Bluetooth speakers, and USB charging for a luxurious relaxation ambiance.


Everycare 7300 left side
Everycare 7300 Massage Chair
Price: $7,999
Color Options: Champagne Gold, White/Beige
  • 49” L-track with air compression therapy for an extensive massage reach.
  • Heating extending to your back, feet, and calves/knees to promote better leg circulation.
  • SD massage technology mimicking human touch for a holistic massage experience.   Advanced neck and shoulder massage techniques for upper body relaxation.
  • Zero gravity recline, full body scan, and foot rollers targeting leg circulation. 3-year comprehensive warranty for peace of mind.


 Everycare 7701 left side

Everycare 7701 Massage Chair
 Price: $7,999
Color Options: Champagne Gold, White/Dark Brown, Navy Blue/Dark Brown
  • Dual massage mechanisms working on upper and lower body simultaneously, emphasizing leg massage for circulation.
  •  4D massage technology with an L-track for extensive muscle reach.
  •  Heating in the back, knees, and feet for enhanced circulation and comfort.
  •   Air compression therapy, advanced foot rollers, and body scanning for a tailored massage experience.
  •  Zero gravity position and Bluetooth speakers for a heavenly massage session.
  •  3-year warranty ensuring a worthwhile investment. 
Experience the Everycare Advantage In-Store: The online marketplace may offer a glimpse, but nothing compares to the tactile experience. At Hitrons, we've been championing the in-store experience for over 20 years. We invite you to step into our showrooms to feel the circulatory magic of the Everycare Massage Chairs. Our in-house experts are on standby to guide you in finding the perfect chair to meet your circulatory and relaxation needs.

Visit us here:

    Ridgefield Store: 1 Remsen Place, Ridgefield, NJ 07657 (201)941-0024

    Flushing Store: 150-24 Northern Blvd Unit G10, Queens, NY 11354 (718)445-2005

    Fort Lee Store: 1475 Bergen Blvd, Fort Lee, NJ 07024 (888)809-1167

    Centreville Store: 14215J Centreville Square, Centreville, VA 20121 (571)404-4132

Don’t let circulatory concerns limit your happiness and wellbeing. Dive into a world of relaxation and enhanced leg massage for circulation with the Everycare Massage Chairs at Hitrons. Visit our showrooms today and let us help you on your journey to becoming a healthier and happier you.


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