The FJ-7900 is the latest offering by renowned Japanese massage chair makers Fuji. Praised by reviewers and customers alike and hailed as the "Rolls Royce" of massage chairs, the FJ7900 massage chair finally made it to the North American market this year!


Best of both worlds. The FJ-7900 combines the best effects of air pressure and mechanical force to deliver a magical feeling to you as fatigue and pain is eliminated from every tired muscle.

Automation. The FJ-7900 does a lot of things for you. Like automatically detect your height and body type to adjust the calf and foot rollers, air pressure, speed among other things to deliver the best massage possible.

Feature-packed massages. The FJ-7900 a lot of options to the users when it comes to massages like deep massage techniques and heating that improves blood circulation to Yoga stretching to increase flexibility and mobility.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why can't I purchase a massage chair online on your website?

A: We consider massage chairs to be an investment for a better lifestyle. To experience and understand what kind of massage chair one might want, a customer must be physically present to experience how a massage chair is. Each massage chair might feel different to a set of people, and we want customers to take as much time they require to make an informed decision on their purchase. 


Q: How does the delivery/installation for massage chairs work? Does someone drop it off in front of my house? Do I need it to install it myself?

A: HITRONS delivers throughout the east coast and we do the installation ourselves. Customers receive a full packaged service from HITRONS and we make sure each aspect of your purchase is catered to your needs.


Q: What is the warranty for each massage chair? And what is covered under warranty?

A: You're fully covered for 5 years by HITRONS. This is not a limited warranty but FULL warranty. Customers will not be charged any money for any servicing/repairing of the massage chairs for the duration of the warranty.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: Any item can be returned within 30 days if it is returned along with a receipt. Any item returned must be in perfect condition. For massage chairs, since delivery and installation is initially free, we charge a $400 fee to pick up, re-package, and bring back the equipment. All accessories (including power cord and manuals) must be returned as well.


Q: How does the financing work? 

A: Financing is done through Synchrony Bank. The customer fills out a finance agreement form and Synchrony Bank handles it from there. Because customers need to fill out an application, financing is available in-person only. All monthly payments are made to Synchrony Financial.

Q: What are the perks on visiting a HITRONS and purchasing a massage chair in person?

A:  We believe ALL customers need to experience a massage chair in a physical, real-life setting. Online websites are limited to mere words in describing a massage chair experience, and each individual customer has his or her needs. One that may be too soft for me is too rough for another, one function is too strong for me but perfect for another. 

Also, we ALWAYS have in-store promotions for customers to take advantage of! Please use our store locator and visit your nearest HITRONS store.