There are many benefits of a massage chair, and even more reasons to own one. Maybe we want
to fix our posture, or we want to heal our physical injuries, or we want to relax after a tiring
day/week. So what’s not to love about having a massage chair right in our home sweet home to
relax in at the end of the day, help improve our posture, massage our injuries, and alleviate
That being said, a massage chair is different for everyone and opinions are subjective. What
may work for your peer, colleague, or family member may not necessarily have the same
comfortability, benefits, and effects for you. While you can also do your research ahead of time
by searching online, asking peers, and reading articles and reviews, the only way to really find
the best massage chair for yourself is by trying it out in person.

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We all have different areas of soreness and tightness as well as different needs for relief. If your

physical needs are focused, the Panasonic MAJ7 six-program massage chair with real deep-
tissue massage therapy may hit all the right spots for you (literally). Or if you want the top-of-the-
line head-to-toe (including the brain) relief and relaxation, check out the new Bodyfriend Pharaoh

S II 24-program full-body massage chair with extended features. But, until you sit down in a
massage chair for the full experience, it’s hard to decide what’s good for you.
After picking the right massage chair, you need to ask what comes with and after your
purchase. Some factors to consider when purchasing your massage chair may include:
• How will my massage chair be delivered and installed? Will I need to do it myself or will
a team of experts come do it? How much will that cost?
• What if I change my mind after my purchase? Is there a return policy?
• What does warranty cover and how long does it last?
• What happens if there is a problem with my massage chair after the warranty ends? Who
can I reach out to for support? What does support look like?
• Are there financing options available?
And while we’re talking about purchasing a massage chair, the biggest no-no is ordering your
massage chair online! Delivery and installation are two very important factors to getting your
massage chair properly situated in your home. You don’t want a massage chair shipped and left
at your door in a box by a delivery service; the slightest bump or drop can immensely damage the
equipment inside, and installing and setting up the massage chair without the technical skill and
knowledge can involve unforeseeable risks. Make sure you are getting the full service from the
company you are purchasing from.
A massage chair is a long-term investment that should bring several years of return for your body
and mind. Because of this, it’s important that your questions above are addressed, that there
are no risks with your purchase, and, most of all, that you can have a great long-term
relationship with who you buy the massage chair from and feel comfortable going back to
ask questions, get support, receive post-purchase service, and more – even if it’s several years

Choose Hitrons to bring a peace of mind for yourself when trying, selecting, and purchasing your
massage chair. We cover everything from listening to your needs and wants, picking the best
massage chair for you, walking you through the features and benefits of the best massage chair,
delivering and installing it for you for free, and following up with you to make sure everything works
well. Even if you encounter problems years down the line, after warranty, we are happy to help
service and repair your massage chair free of charge.