Product Highlight: The Fuji FJ-8000 Cyber Relax Massage Chair

As a well respected Japanese massage chair brand, Fujiiryoki was one we couldn’t ignore. With an inception as a beauty-oriented and health-related manufacturer, the brand continues to prioritize improving their customers’ lifestyle and health. 

So we’re proud to introduce: The Dr. Fuji FJ-8000, a noticeable upgrade from the brand’s previous advancements. This Cyber-Relax chair offers a unique experience for each body through its customizability and form-fitting functions. 

HiTRONS Fujiiryoki Massage Chair

See the following for our favorite features (just some out of many) of the FJ-8000:




114 Airbags

With 114 airbags located throughout the armchair (the average massage chair found at cheaper price points has approximately 50 airbags), you will instantly feel like you’re encompassed by clouds. These airbags allow for a full-body compression massage with customized and adjustable intensity and localized on/off switches for each body area. 

Heating Pads

You can find heating pads within the back of the FJ-8000, the seat, and calf area as it will keep you warm throughout your session. and relieve any fatigue.

Body Scan Technology

Together, the back and leg areas feature sensors that could detect your height and adjust the positioning of equipment accordingly, including the back roller position along with the leg part


Zero-Gravity is a feature a lot of our customers understandably seek out. Essentially a position that is shown to tilt the chair into a 90 degrees reclined position, some claim that this technology is inspired by NASA’s system for astronauts when they launch into space. During liftoff when their bodies are put through extreme pressure and stress, their weight is evenly distributed from head to toe. Whether or not this truly originated from NASA’s design, there’s no denying that we are fans of zero-g in our massage chairs. This position is shown to greatly relieve the body of stress and allows for a deeper, more thorough massage experience (read more about the benefits of Zero-Gravity).

S-L Back Track

The FJ-8000 comes with a 130CM S-L back track that allows the back roller mechanism to move from the head to buttocks, which in turn expands the massage area that targets your core. The curve, like the rest of the massage chair, is very thoughtfully and ergonomically designed so that the neck and waist massages are more powerful than any of Fujiiryoki’s previous models.

Bluetooth Surround System

On both sides of your head, you’ll find two Bluetooth speakers that you can use to play your media through Fuji’s app — whether it be your music or favorite show. The app will also function as your remote to adjust the settings to your preference, in an easy-to-use way! 


Try the Fujiiryoki’s FJ-8000 for yourself in one of our showrooms now!