HiTRONS Spotlight: Bodyfriend

HiTRONS — Bodyfriend Massage Chairs

On this blog post today, we want to spotlight the brand that is Bodyfriend. The South Korean brand, Bodyfriend, claims to be a “global healthcare company” with one primary goal: to extend the healthful life expectancy of the human race. And they’re inching closer to that goal everyday by way of their products (that go further than their massage chairs). Many massage chair brands may claim to have their customers’ health as their number one priority, but for Bodyfriend, it is evidenced by the existence of their research laboratory (with more than 200 researchers), design center, medical research center along with integrated research center. 

Devoted to research, their process includes intensive analyzing of peoples’ body conditions, running formal clinical studies and experiments to back their designs with science. So while customers may be in awe of their beautiful outer coating and amazing quality of leather, they should be even more impressed with the health-centric design of the brand’s massage chairs. 

With years of having partnered with Bodyfriend, a company that we’ve witnessed to be more than just a company, we are proud to be a certified retailer of a brand that is devoted to true health and wellness.


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